SICAS Summit 2020 - Niagara Falls, NY

SICAS Summit 2020 - Niagara Falls, NY

Thursday, September 17 through Friday, September 18

SICAS Summit

SICAS Summit brings together member campuses from across the state for a one and one half day conference at The Conference & Event Center Niagara Falls.  Presenters are colleagues from member institutions, SICAS staff, as well as business partners.  Presentation topics include technical and functional-area specific information on how to utilize the Banner and/or Degree Works Software. 

Attending SICAS Summit gives you the opportunity to connect, network, and gain new ideas for how to best use the software in your daily operations, hear updates from Ellucian, and speak with partner companies whose software you may be using or are interested in using. 

It’s time to begin brain storming presentations for SICAS Summit! 

Help SICAS make the conference a great success by presenting your Argos/Banner/Degree Works software knowledge, achievements and discoveries with colleagues from across the state. Together we can more effectively use our software tools to achieve our goals. We encourage you to collaborate with colleagues and/or other users on your presentation.

Topics that have been listed as areas of interest for presentations are the following. If you have knowledge of these areas/processes, please consider submitting a presentation proposal form.

  • Argos/SUNY Collaborative Reporting/Reporting
  • Student Accounts/Finance
  • Page Builder
  • Surveys
  • Banner 9
  • Degree Works Scribe
  • Banner Workflow
  • Student Outcome Tracking with Degree Works
  • Ellucian Workflow
  • Ethos
  • Tips and Tricks
  • PL/SQL
  • HR/Payroll Practices
  • Admissions
  • Financial Aid

We welcome proposals on all topics. Presentation proposals can be submitted by clicking here. The deadline for proposals is Friday, May 8.